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WPDM Button Templates will add an additional short-code code with WordPress Download Manager Pro, which will help your to create  css3 buttons styles link template with different style.


[wpdm_button_template id=package-id style="style-name" align="alignment"]
  • style = light | green | blue | lightblue | xmas | instagram | coffee
  • align = left | center | right

Use TinyMce Button Add-on to generate short-codes for this add-on:

Button Templates Short-code Generator

Live Demo:


Comments [ 24 ]

  • ikaroweb

    i’ve added the shortcode but the button doesn’t appear with the template selected but trasparent.

  • ikaroweb

    [wpdm_button_template id=”655″ template=”blue” align=”center”]

    • Shaon

      that should work fine except your theme css causing any conflict, anyhow please post a temporary wp-admin login info in with a private reply in forum to check it in details.

  • MartinR

    Is this only for the pro Version ??

  • fernando_zo

    Is there any way to make that all the button will be a link to the download?

  • digby

    The button template is quite elegant. Is there any way of incorporating the number of downloads?

  • marinarov

    Hello, how are you? First of all amazing add, just a quest, where do i go to install it? I can´t find it

  • Marc Bijl

    Hi, thnx for these great plugins!

    I’m using WPDM, with addons TinyMce Button and Button Templates, on a kind of member site (created with Members plugin). Here’s what’s going wrong with Button Templates.

    The member site has content only available for users who are logged in; so when not logged in, the site is empty (just the login screen). At this site I want to protect downloads/files in such a way, that only logged in users can download, even if someone knows the direct URL.

    When creating a download using WPDM, leaving ‘Allow Access’ to ‘All Visitors’, and inserting a link with TinyMce Button, I get these download links – which are good:

    Download link at the page where I inserted the download:

    Download link at the page of the file/download itself:

    The good thing of these links is that, when logged out, they do not work; a user who is logged out cannot download the file, but gets redirected to the login screen. Intended or not, this is what I want.

    However, when using Button Templates, I get a link like this:

    The bad thing of this link is that, when logged out, it still works; a user who is logged out can download the file. This is not what I want…

    I realize I can set the ‘Allow Acces’ to all seperate roles that are allowed to download the file – and remove the ‘All Visitors’ option; however, why is the download link created by Button Templates different from the one created by WPDM?


    • Shahriar

      Need login info to test your site, please post it in the support forum and add login info in a private reply.

  • Giuseppe

    Hi, is it possible customize button dimensions by shortcode or something else?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Biel

    Hello, I have this problem that when I put align=”center”, it will be displayed in the center but if I click on the button it will not download the file, but instead, it will move to the “left” position and when I stop clicking on it, it goes back to “center” position. And even more, to download it I have to click on the “left” position even when the button shows in “center” position, so it seems like, when I put align=”center”, the button appearance changes but the button is still in the “left” position.

    Is it just me?

  • Peter

    Hi I have a problem with this addon, NOTHING shows up in the post.

    Using the buttons crashes my page

    I have even tried using your reference above

    [wpdm_button_template id=package-id style=”style-name” align=”alignment”]

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