List of available WP Pro Membership shortcodes.

[wppm_membership_plansĀ ids="1,3,2" cols=3 desc=1 featured=3 style="default or smooth or card" featured_color="primary or success or info or danger"]

Place this shortcode in a page to show all of your membership plans/levels. Shortcode Parameters are optional,

  1. ids: optional, use this parameter when you want to show selective plans only or change order of display, value should be plan ids separated by comma
  2. cols: the default value of cols is 1. It indicates the number of plans should be shown per row.
  3. desc: the default value of desc is 0. If set to 1 plan description will be shown.
  4. featured: to feature a plan set the plan id as featured value.
  5. style: change plan table styles, use any of the following values:
    1. default
    2. smooth
    3. card
  6. featured_color: change plan table styles, use any of the following values:
    1. primary
    2. success
    3. info
    4. danger



To show/hide contents based on membership label. You can use it in post content. Examples: [wpmembership level="3"]...[/wpmembership]


When you create a page with this shortcode, That page will be used to serve membership downloads. A user can download all membership files he subscribed to from this page. There is WPDM User Dashboard tab labeled “Membership Items” to access member downloads. So this shortcode is an additional option for you if you want to place member downloads on a different page.


This shortcode creates a member profile page which shows all info about the user’s membership plans and lists all invoices. There is a WPDM User Dashboard tab for this which is labeled “Subscription Plan“.

However, the download area and subscribed plans are also manageable from user dashboard.

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2019


  • tonyz

    When using the [wppm_membership_plans] shortcode the plans display in id order.

    I can see situations where I may wish to change plan arrangements and reorder the way in which the plan table is presented.

    Is there a way to reorder display where plans are added/withdrawn without compromising other instances where the plan id data is used?

    If not a param to do this would be useful eg [wppm_membership_plans idseq=2,4,3,5]

  • tonyz

    When the [wppm_membership_plans] shortcode is inserted in a page it always displays at the top of the page regardless of where in the content it is placed.

    Is it possible to have the plan table appear at the location the shortcode is inserted?

  • tonyz

    When using shortcode [wpmembership] work in regard to allowing access by multiple levels?

    Is it possible to list multiple levels in the one shortcode eg [wpmembership level=”3,4,7″]?

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