WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.2.2 released

WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.2.2 is now available for download. As always you can download it from here . This update comes with following changes:

  • New Short-Codes
    Use wpdm-package-form to show only add/edit package form from front-end, wpdm-list-packages to list users submitted packages at front-end, wpdm-edit-profile short-code to show edit profile form.
  • Custom Templates
    You can can use your own templates from yout active theme for different wpdm short-code, So if you need to edit any wpdm default templates, copy tpls dir to your active theme dir and name it download-manager
  • Skip Locks
    Sometimes you may not want to bother your site members with locked downloads, so now you can choose to skip locks for logged in users so that site members can download your items without any extra works.

And we also fixed a security issue with server file browser. We strongly recommend you to update v4.2.2 if you are using old version still now.

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