WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.3 released

WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.3 has been released. This update comes with some new & special features to give you better experience in using WordPress Download Manager Pro. We also have adjust 5 small issues found in previous version.

What is new with WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.3:

  • Added new short-code [wpdm_tags] for showing packages under specified tag(s)
  • Added new template tag [doc_preview] for showing embedded document preview
  • Added new template tag [pdf_thumb_WxH] for generating & showing image thumbnail from attached pdf file
  • Added new template tag [tags] for showing package tags
  • Upgraded category short-code
  • Fixed 5 issues from previous version

If you are using old version of WordPress Download Manager Pro, we strongly recommend you to update your copy. As always, you simply need to download WordPress Download Manager Pro again from your orders details page to get the latest version.

Comments [ 3 ]

  • microlinx

    do I uninstall the old version or just upload and install over the old version? The latter is not working as it says the directory already exists. Afraid to remove the old version and lose all my download entries.

    • Shaon

      Deactivate and Delete old version, then install new version. Deleting old version will not delete any data.

  • powerongrfx

    Regarding “Fixed 5 issues from previous version” can you list what issues please?

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