WordPress Download Manager Pro v3.3.7 released

WordPress Download Manager Pro v3.3.7 has been released. This update comes with lots of new features and updates on previous features. We also have fixed a issue from previous version. Now you can schedule for download availability period for a package by setting up publish date and expire date. Other new feature are category image support, RSS feed for downloads. Here is the list of all changes came with WordPress Download Manager v3.3.7:

What’s New:

  • New: Publish Date + Time option
  • New: Expire Date Option
  • New: Image Support for categories
  • New: RSS Feed for Downloads
  • New: Category Page Settings, Show/Hide Description, Image, Tool Bar and Option for setting up number of packages per page
  • New: Master Key for Direct Download and Download button with package list in admin side. A download url with master key will start download immediately and will skip any lock option like password, tweet or email. And you can reset that key anytime.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with icon path in file list at admin side

We strongly recommend you to update your copy to enjoy all new feature and get better experience with WordPress Download Manager Pro. As always, to get latest version , please login , go to your order page and download it again.



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