MailChimp Subscription Add-on v1.1.0 released

MailChimp Subscription Add-on v1.1.0 has been released. In this update we improved the add-on a lot and added some awesome features, those you have been requesting. Now you will be able to enable or disable double opt-in from global settings. Additionally some of you were asking to add a new option to select download specific subscription list, so it is added in this update. Now you can assign different list for different downloads or use the global selection.

What is new with MailChimp Subscription Add-on:

  1. Double Opt-inf option
  2. Download specific subscription list
  3. Improved UI

MailChimp Subscription Add-on Admin UI:

Global settings:

MailChimp Subscription global settings

Package specific list selection:

package specific MailChimp Subscription list selection

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