Google Drive Explorer

Google Drive Explorer Add-on helps you to connect with Google Drive, you can explore your Google drive files, upload files to Google drive and attach with your package. You can control your Google drive directly from you site admin panel, use free 15 GB space and save your bandwidth.

Setting Up Google Drive Explorer Add-on:

  1. Visit Google API Console, Create New Project:
    New Google API Project
  2. After hit create button, the next page you will see:
    Select Google API Project
  3. Now, click on "Select a project" or blue "Select" button to select your project from that page:
    Select Project Popup
  4. After selecting project you will see the following page, then click on "Go to API overview":
    Google API overview
  5. At this step, you will see the following page, click on "ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES":
  6. From the following page, search for Google Drive API and Google Picker API, enable both:
    Enable Google API

    1. Search "Google Picker API"
      Search Google Picker API
    2. Enable API:
      API Details
    3. Select and enable "Google Drive API" in that same way.
  7. After enabling both API your dashboard will look like:
    API Dashboard
  8. Setup consent screen:
    Setup Consent Screen
  9. To set up API access credentials go to "Credentials" menu:
    setup API access credentials
  10. Click on "OAuth client ID" button to create new client id:
    Create OAuth client ID
    Redirect URI should be like and set your site URL for "Authorized JavaScript origins", however, you can copy the URL from download manager Settings Page >> Cloud Storage >> Google Drive API Credential Settings Panel:
    Copy Redirect URL From Google Drive API Credential Settings Panel
  11. Create API access key:
    Create API access key
  12. Now get Client ID, Client Secret & API Key from credential menu:
    Copy Client ID Client Secret and API Key
  13. Use that info in Downloads Manager Settings Page >> Cloud Storage >> Google Drive API Credential Settings Panel:
    Setup Google Drive API Credential Settings Panel
  14. And Save Settings!
  15. Now to Admin Menu >> Downloads >> Add New Package window and there you will see a new button "Google Drive" with "Attach File" metabox:
  16. Click on the button, you will see the following popup and click on "Login to Google Drive":
    Google Drive Picker
  17. After login and allow access, you will see the list of files from your Google drive.
  18. Finally attached files should be public to be downloadable:



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