Google Drive Explorer

Google Drive Explorer

Google Drive Explorer Add-on helps you to connect with Google Drive, you can explore your Google drive files, upload files to Google Drive and attach them with your package. You can control your Google drive directly from your site admin panel, use free 15 GB space and save your bandwidth.

Setting Up Google Drive Explorer Add-on:

  1. Visit Google API Console, Create New Project:
    New Google API Project
  2. After hit create button, the next page you will see:
    WordPress Download Manager – Google Cloud console
  3. From the window above,  click on “Go to API overview”:
  4. At this step, you will see the following page, click on “ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES”:
    Enable APIs & Services – Google Cloud console
  5. From the following page, search for Google Drive API and Google Picker API, enable both:
    Welcome to the API Library – Google Cloud console

    1. Search “Google Drive API”
      APIs & Services – Search Result – Google Cloud console
    2. Enable API:
      Enable Google Drive API – APIs & Services – Google Cloud console
    3. Select and enable “Google Picker API” in that same way.
  6. Now, it is time to create credentials:
    Configure consent screen
  7. Setup consent screen:
    Setup Consent Screen
    Select  scopes:
    Consent screen scopes
    While app is still in dev mode, you need to add your and other users gmail address to allow to use this app:
    Add your email address
    Save and continue. And it is done
  8. To setup API access credentials go to “Credentials” menu and click on create credentials button, select “OAuth client ID” ooption:Create credentails
  9. Click on “OAuth client ID” button to create new client id:
    OAuth client ID
    Redirect URI should be like and set your site URL for “Authorized JavaScript origins”, however, you can copy the URL from download manager Settings Page >> Cloud Storage >> Google Drive API Credential Settings Panel:
  10. Google drive settings
  11. Create API access key from “CREATE CREDENTAILS” button and select “API Key” option
    Create API key
  12. Now get Client ID, Client Secret & API Key from credential menu:
  13. Use that info in Downloads Manager Settings Page >> Cloud Storage >> Google Drive API Credential Settings Panel:
    Google drive settings
  14. And Save Settings!
  15. Now to Admin Menu >> Downloads >> Add New Package window and there you will see a new button “Google Drive” with “Attach File” metabox:
    Attach file from google drive
  16. Click on the button, you will see the following popup and click on “Login to Google Drive”:
    Google Drive Picker
  17. After login and allow access, you will see the list of files from your Google drive.
  18. Finally attached files should be public to be downloadable:


Comments [ 52 ]

  • kanishka

    how can i add multiple google drive accounts??

  • kalico

    Does this process actually download the item from Google Drive to the local system? I’m wondering about updates….if someone updates the file on Google Drive, do we have to manually update the file in WPDM, or are our end users always going to download the latest file directly from Google Drive?

    • Shaon

      It download from good drive, wpdm simply does the direct to google drive download url. So if you update file in google drive, user always will be the updated files, no need to update in wpdm manually.

  • emailc123

    Can I provide downloads of files hosted in Google drive without transferring to my website server? This will save me drive space and bandwidth.

    • Shaon

      Yes, wpdm doesn’t copy files from google drive to local disk.

      • emailc123

        Are the download links universal and anybody can copy and share with others or that download url is generated for that user and get expired after a while? I am asking when files will be stored in Google drive.

        What I want is to provide premium content via this. Is WPDM mainly for free files?

        • Shaon

          Through Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox & add-on, you only can serve free file, For premium or access restricted files, you need to host your file in your site or remote ftp or amazon s3

          • emailc123

            If files are hosted on a remote ftp server, what level of protection does WP Download Manger provide?
            Can people simply share the displayed download?
            Can people share the download link from browser download page or from windows or os download manager if they are using one?

          • Shaon

            Except Amazon S3 Add-on , for other cloud storage, wpdm can’t provide any protection.

  • Jackstine

    below is the error i keep getting……what should i do? i followed all the process carefully….

    401. That’s an error.

    Error: invalid_client

    Application: NaijaLens

    You can email the developer of this application at:

    no registered origin

    Request Details
    That’s all we know.

  • ccodirla

    Hi Shaon,

    I went through the instructions and have filled out client_id, client_secret, and the API key. However when I hit the red google drive button in the new package page, i get a pop up that says “Google – 401. That’s an error. Error: invalid_client.”

    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can fix this error?

    Thank you,

    • ccodirla

      Hi Shoan, I managed to get pat this error and WPDM connects to google. But now I get the error “The API developer key is invalid.” Would you know where I can fix that?

      Thank you,

  • frappy

    Hi Shaon, I’ve followed both video and step-by-step guide. Almost done, I can reach Google with API request when pressing red button google drive. Once accepted google connection a white transparent window cover the actual one, no way to see g-drive content. What do you think about that? Google issue? Thx in advance. Fab

    • Shaon

      Actually, not a google issue, please recheck the steps, certainly something was missed somewhere. However if you want us to check, please post in forum.

  • balance

    HI Shaon,

    I am stuck with this error, when I hit the red google drive button in the new package page, i get a pop up that says “

    401. That’s an error.
    Error: invalid_client
    The OAuth client was not found.

    Do you have any suggestion for me?


  • Sergei Boldirev

    with google drive addon, link on file not working in browser Chrome. In Firefox normal work

  • Sergei Boldirev

    after update to 2.9.45, now for download pdf, google ask login to account

  • Avenger

    Most guys are getting the 401 error due to not enabling the google picker API. in your description you must update it as a separate step. Video helped me out to figure this. Thanks a bunch.

  • Filip Pusca

    I get error 400
    Error: invalid_scope
    Do i have to enable all the API in your screenshot to make it work.
    I have read that i need to join a “Risky Apps” group to fix this.

  • Ashirwad Rastogi

    Hi, I am not able to select a Perticular Folder from Drive to give acess to download. The Download option is available for File level only. But I need to sale the complete folder.

  • Paolo Quaglino

    Hello Shaon,
    with Goole Drive I get only zero-byte zip files from multi-file packages.
    I can get single files.
    It works when files are on local web directory.
    I already tried disable “resumable download” , “output buffering” and “cache created zip file”

    WP 4.7.2
    WPDM 4.6.0
    WPDM GoogleDrive 1.2.0

    Thank you

    • Shahriar

      Hi Paolo,

      Download Manager can make the compressed file when your files are stored on your server. In this case, files are stored on another server. So here your options are serving single file download or upload a zipped file in Google Drive and then attach it to the package.


  • Pablo

    hi, with this addon the users of my page can from the frontend upload files from their google drive?

  • Rubb

    Can I let other users upload files from the frontend to folders and let them download files other upload?

  • Chris Allard


    i have connected to my google drive. i can see the folders and files. is there away of sharing all the folders rather than selecting each individual file?

    thanks chris

  • Snehal Desai

    Hello Shahjada
    getting error 400.

    Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

  • Frank Klumpers

    Hi installed everything, after clicking the blue Google drive button my consent is asked so I allow WPDM to access my drive and then nothing happens. After i click it agina it asks consent once more. What could be wrong?

  • ProWeb

    HI, is there a way to restrict the folders seen within Google Drive? Say we have clients using this feature and we only want them to see folders we’ve given them access to and not everything?

  • Karthik V

    Is it possible to automactically set the uploaded file as public. without manually doing it ?

  • Squeesome Design Studio

    I just found a weird bug, in that I suddenly cannot attach Google Drive files that have spaces on their file names. For instance, I cannot attach “Assignment Format.docx” but if I rename it to “AssignmentFormat.docx” I can attach it just fine. I used to be able to attach files with spaces in their file names just fine. Any solution to this, other than renaming my files to delete the spaces?

  • Ram Prakash

    Dear All,
    Ignore the above query, I solved it myself.

    No download starts, and the captcha not showing, if Google Captcha is activated for download.

    Working successfully without a Google captcha.

    Please help…


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