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Dropbox Explorer add-on will add a new button with  WordPress Download Manager to explore files in Dropbox and attach them with a package. Dropbox integration plugin is free, but when you are using it with WordPress Download Manager Pro, you will get extended features. With WordPress Download Manager Pro, you will be able to manage your Dropbox files directly from your WordPress admin dashboard and you also will be able to attach dropbox folders as well as files. In WordPress Download Manager free, you only will be able to attach Dropbox files as a link and there is no access protection, but with WordPress Download Pro, the addon will generate a temporary download link with 4 hours expiration time.



How to use Dropbox to store your files and allow users to download them from your website

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  • mariogflex

    There is an error with this add-on {“error”: “Origin does not match any app domain”}

  • dinhtungdu

    Hi, I love your plugins, especially this one. But I got a annoyed bug. The file I choose by Drop in app is seem changes everday. I must choose file again to make it work.

    In more detail, I choose a file from Dropbox, no problem, it’s blazing fast, unlike Google Drive. But after one day, The file can not download anymore, when I click download button, it shows 404 Dropbox link. Then I choose file again, it works again, and tomorow, 404 again.

    Can you take a look at this! Thanks!

  • kanishka

    how can i add multiple dropbox accounts?

  • levati

    Hi. This add-on don’t display the size of dropbox attachment. Just zero instead. Can you fix it?

  • Crystal Oakes

    Can you force the download to come from dl.dropbox.com rather than dropbox.com so that it doesn’t not try to download in a frame but downloads directly instead. Right now on my site in Firefox and Chrome coming from dropbox.com is triggering a content security policy issue.

  • Bigglesworth

    Getting a 401 error after a certain period of time. When linked initially I don’t have this issue, however after linking a dropbox link and then trying to download I get a 401.

  • Carl Henriksen

    I am currently unable to attach Dropbox folders. I am running an older version – 1.2.2 because 1.3 throws fatal errors on my installation.


    Will there be an option to download the Dropbox files as a zip in the near future? If so – when roughly?

  • Trí Trần Vĩnh

    Hello !
    If I use the Pro version!
    When I link to Dropbox how can I direct the link to download.
    Because the current Click will lead to the Dropbox page.
    I want when customers Click will download directly!

  • Russell Ware

    I don’t seem to have download stats showing on any of my downloads (and I know for certain that they have been downloaded). Is this because they are all stored and served via the Dropbox addon?

    • Shahriar

      All downloads are logged including the ones served from Dropbox. Please create a ticket in our support forum to check the issue.

  • gaelson

    Hi, where can I get dropbox Api key?

  • Cherrylou McGovern

    How can I show the Dropbox folder subfolder so the users can navigate to the Dropbox folder and search for files without adding all the files but just adding just the folder? As of the moment, if I tick the folder, the user can only download the folder as a zip file. I want to be able to navigate on that file on the other page.


    I have been able to connect my dropbox files and also am able to view in a dropbox subfolder.
    1. I wish to have the users download the file directly to their desktop
    2. Is there a restriction on the file size available for download in the linked dropbox folder.

    DO I have to go for the pro version to avail of 1 & 2


    • Shahjada

      #1. Possible with wpdm pro. Also for the new dropbox API, your php version has to be 7+
      #2. No limit.

  • Nathan Causer

    Hi Just checking if i have a .csv file in drop box – where can i upload it too in a customers order? Can it be added to a completed Order in the Customers Dashboard? Loaded into notes? If cant add the .csv file can i just add the Drop box link? thank you

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