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File Hosting Sharing

WordPress File Hosting & Sharing Plugin for WordPress Download Manager Pro will help you to build a file hosting site like DropBox or Box.com just with few clicks. With this add-on, you can allow your website users to host files from the front-end, get share links or embed code easily.

WordPress File Hosting & Sharing Plugin Key Features:

  • Awesome Dropbox like UI with easy to manage options
  • Multiple File Upload
  • Personalized folder & file access
  • Share URL & Embed Code
  • + all awesome features from WordPress Download Manager to administrate over complete file management system


  1. Use short-code [wpdm-file-browser] on your page and that will give you the UI for front-end user
  2. You can control max file size and allowed file types from Admin Menu >> Download >> Settings >> Front-end Tab, which is already part of the core plugin


Separate Shortcode | User Dashboard
Login: demo/demo


Version 1.5.1 | Released on May 27, 2022

Version 1.5.0 | Released on Aug 21, 2021
  • Update! Compatibility update for WordPress Download Manager Pro v6

Version 1.4.0 | Released on May 21, 2020
  • New! Shared with me tab will show shared folders now

Version 1.3.9 | Released on Apr 05, 2020
  • Update! Compatibility update for WPDM 5.0.8
Version 1.3.7 | Released on Sep 24, 2019
  • New! Added new sortcode parameter to set custom root category
Version 1.3.6 | Released on May 17, 2019
  • New! Added folder settings to control folder access
  • Update! Improved “Shared with me” features
Version 1.3.5 | Released on Nov 26, 2018
  • Update! Updated initial package access option
Version 1.3.4 | Released on Sep 21, 2018
  • New! Updated package settings
  • Fix! Compatibility update for the latest version of wpdm pro.
Version 1.3.1 | Released on Mar 20, 2018
  • New! Added “Shared With Me” tab
  • New! Added new option to configure package access
Version 1.3.0 | Released on Oct 06, 2017
  • New! Compatibility update for WordPress Download Manager Pro 4.7 ( Autumn )
Version 1.2.2 | Released on Feb 21, 2017
  • Fix! Fixed the compatibility issue with the latest version of WordPress Download Manager
Version 1.2.0 | Released on Oct 02, 2015
  • New! Integrated UI with user dashboard

Comments [ 25 ]

  • Patterson

    Thank you for this add-on. I need a little more information on how to show files using the [wpdm-file-browser] shortcode. I have a multisite and want to host common files on one of the sites and then pull the tree for them on a sidebar on other sites. How would I go about doing this using your shortcodes?

    • Shaon

      Sorry, that is not possible, you can share single package, not a complete tree, anyhow we have noted it for future implementation.

  • rossmilner

    Hi is there the ability to keep this private just for editors? I want to use this more as an easier way for the web editor to click on categories and upload or delete files in that category.

    • rossmilner

      Oh and is folders the same as categories. Is this linked to the general Documents Downloads List?

      • Shahriar

        Yes, Folders are same as categories and they are linked to downloads list. Each user will have his own category base.

    • Shahriar

      Yes, you can control access from Download Manager Settings >> Frontend tab

  • John Villasenor

    I purchased this to try with the wp download manager free but the short code is just giving me a red error. Do I need to purchase the Pro version to use this?

  • jorge

    Hi, I have a client who needs to give his clients access to documents. Each client will have a folder with their data, for example company xx, from that folder there will be more subfolders, year, quarters, etc.

    If there was a client there would be no problems, the problem comes when there are more than 300 and I want it to be managed well, without having to put the information file by file, but upload to the server and place the documents as they are on the computer and that the only thing that has to be closed is the access to the first category / folder so that nobody can see the content except the client owner of those documents.

    Is it possible with this plugin?

    Thank you

  • Ian Tavener

    Few questions.
    -Can we restrict uploads to a specific file type/size?
    -Is this compatible with your cloud add-ons, for example, users uploads go to google drive?

  • Ian Tavener

    Is there a way to auto protect new uploads? Presently, if a user uploads files, all links and access are public until I restrict access.
    I want users to upload files, but then they’re only available for that user, or for admin to access. Will another add-on help with this? I purchased the all add-on pack

    • Ian Tavener

      Even when I try to manually restrict access to this category to ‘Author’ and ‘admin’, then I purge all my website caches, access site through private browser, and I can still access these files.

      • Shahjada

        For now, File Hosting & Sharing Add-on set access to “All Visitors” for packages by default, however, we are adding default value add-on compatibility with the next update of the add-on, then, you will be able to set initial value using the default value add-on. The update is coming within the next week.

  • MagillaGuerrilla s.r.l.

    Hi, I installed the addon but the shortcode prints the following error: “Operation failed!”
    Is it because I installed it on a free version of WP Download Manager? I need to upgrade to PRO?


  • Jahanur Miah

    need short code

    • W3 Eden

      The shortcode is [wpdm-file-browser], which is also mentioned in the “Usage” section of the product description :).

  • BFM Group Inc

    The demos do not work. Can they be fixed so I can test it out.

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