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Here you can view the list of all subscribers in your site. You can search subscribers by their subscriber category, registered users, unregistered users, active subscribers, inactive subscriber etc.
You also can add new subscriber, import/export subscribers from here.

13 Subscriber

Add New

By this menu, you can manually add new subscriber to your site. Fill up the form and click Add button to add new subscribers. If everything is ok, you will get a success message. If something is wrong, you will get detailed error message.

14 Add New Subscriber

Import Registered Users

Here you can Import all registered users as campaign subscriber. Select at least one subscriber category and then click import button to import all registered users. Note that, imported subscribers status will be active by default, i.e they don't need to activate their account by email verification.

15 Import registered users

Import From CSV

Here you can Import subscribers from CSV file. Select at least one subscriber category and choose a csv file and then click import button.

17 Import From CSV

Export Subscribers

Select Subscribers type you want to export, then click Export button.

18 Export Subscribers