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Add Campaign

To add a new campaign Click Add Campaign button from your WordPress admin panel.
Add New Campaign

Campaign Title

Give a campaign title here.

Campaign Information

You can specify email sender settings here. If these fields are empty, default settings under Campaign --> General Settings -> Email Settings will be used. Specify at least Email Subject Here.
6 Campaign Information

Select a Templates from available template list. A new meta box will appear with template content.
If you want to use this template click Apply Template button. Note that, if you click apply template button, you will not be able to change email template again for that campaign.

7 template

If Template meta box is not displayed, Click Screen Options top of the page, and then check Templates checkbox.
7 2 screen option


This is the email body of your campaign. Edit this content as your desire.

8 content

Campaign Schedule

Here you've to specify campaign delivery date and time.
Note that, this date and time is your computers local time, server time may not be same as your local time.
Also note that, If you did not check Add To Email Queue Now ? under Publish meta box, your email will not be added to email queue.
If you want to repeat this campaign click "Repeat Campaign" and specify repeat frequency.

9 Campaign Schedule

Subscriber Category

Here you've to select at least one subscribers category. Only selected subscriber category subscribers will get this email. Note, you can add subscriber category from Campaign --> Subscriber Category menu.

10 Subscribers Category


By click Publish button, you can save this campaign. Note that, if you did not check Add To Email Queue Now ? under Publish meta box, your email will not be added to email queue. So, if you want to add this campaign to email queue, you've to check this button, or you can check this button later when you want. Note that, if you check Add To Email Queue Now ?, email will not be send immediately, email will be sent according to your setting under Campaign Schedule section.

11 publish

Last updated on Dec 17, 2014

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