WordPress Download Manager v4.3.0 released

WordPress Download Manager v4.3.0 has been released. This update comes with some vital feature improvements, some new features and UI improvements. As you know the social lock option was looking little messy for various reason like, button sizes, UI colors, so we have redesigned the section now and gave total new look. Also we have added twitter follow lock option ( *but it is still in beta ). Lets see all the changes at a glance:

  • Improved File List — Search option with regular file list table and improved extended file list.
  • Social Locks Appearances — Improved social locks appearances will give more user engagement.
  • New Template Tags — 2 new template tags included [play_list] & [download_link_popup]
  • New Option for controlling package visibility in main RSS feed
  • New Option for sanitizing file name to avoid unwanted chars in file name
  • New option to cache zip file in multi-file package
  • Fixed issue with open in browser option
  • Fixed issue with bot access in download link

So we strongly recommend you to upgrade your copy, as always you can download latest version from your download area.

Comments [ 10 ]

  • icoffe01

    Thank you so much ,,

    How i can upgrade it on my website ?

    help me please with URL ..

  • icoffe01

    what about add-ons ?

    must i reinstall it , or deactive it and active ?

  • migs

    Does this fixed the cross-scripting vulnerability in 4.2.2 as reported by my host?

    • Shaon

      There was no XSS issue with v4.2.2, the report was false. However in v4.3.0 we have added an option to sanitize file names, users may use that if they want to filter file names.

  • EGFStech

    Is the 4.3.0 version now able to be updated within the Plugins panel, without having to goto this site, download the file, delete the existing plugin and upload the new plugin?

  • EGFStech

    Thanks for the info. Any idea on the timeframe? I’ve been holding off on updating since we first purchased WPDM because I’m waiting for the version that allows ‘normal’ updating.


  • Richard Dixon

    How do I change the color from the Green? Example on the Login page, I would like to change the green line to blue.

    Thank you,

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