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    I don’t know what I’ve done, but I can’t get SVG icons to show on my site using the short code package insert (i.e. [wpdm_package id='499']).

    It was working…now it isn’t. The icons show up correctly in the WPDM admin panel. If I change to a non-SVG one it shows in the site. Any ideas?


    OK – so I figured out the SVG image is coming in as 0px x 0px. I can fix it by forcing the height in some local CSS – but how is this supposed to work? Where should the height come from?


    After update I have the same issue…



    Please give the link of the page where the issue is happening.
    Also please provide the temporary login information in a private reply.\

    Thank you.


    I have problems with the latest version. It does not work show icon. I bought the professional version. same problem. Currently I have installed version 2.9.42 ok.


    Hi Christoper,

    Could you please send temporary wp-admin login info in private reply? In the latest version icons are working fine in my test. So I have to check your installation.



    here is the links: – main page, WPDM widget on the right side with three last files – no icons – two separate files embeded with shortcodes for each file – no icons – all files are correctly displayed with icons. embeded with shortcode [wpdm_all_packages items_per_page="50" jstable=1 order_by="date" order="DESC" cols="page_link,file_count,download_count|categories|update_date|download_link" colheads="Title|Categories|Update Date|Download"] This is so long because [wpdm_all_packages] after some of latest updates not shows clickable file names (with links to file details)

    Sorry I don’t sent you login and pass because I think you will don’t understand Russian interface

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    Michael P

    I am also having a problem of not having icons in both Firefox and Chrome Desktop and Mobile browsers.

    HOWEVER, using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, the icons show up WAY too big.

    This just started after the last update.


    DaqHunter Software Suite – Classic

    Or try this link where all visitors can make the download:


    same problem here. Icons are served in 0px x 0px. Haven’t changed anything on the site only updated to latest version of your plugin.

    Another thing that I recognized is that Firefox/Firebug give an alert that the icons are loaded via http. In the source code itself they are linked with https protocol and can be accessed via those links without any problems.

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