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    I am building a secure image gallery, allowing download access of files to special registered users. When I upload the files using downloadmanager I separately have to create the featured image as thumbnail.

    The process can be slow and monotonous. A feature that would allow me when uploading images as my files to select/create the preview image for the featured image automatically. Perhaps preset /configurable dimensions preferred.


    I was also using the Bulk Import feature and found that this feature would be useful there as well to add my preview images with the multi-selected image files I was uploading.

    That automatic creation of preview images with set dimensions would be very useful I concur if I am uploading images.


    Yes a Batch Upload feature for multiple images at once would be great with automatic generated preview thumbnail images associated. This would be a handy feature.


    I agree


    I need this too, any plan to add it?

    Martin Duys

    I also need this feature.
    Is it possible to generate a thumbnail via the csv import?


    Noted for implementation. We shall introduce a new template tag [product_preview] which will use the first item from attached files ( for image, pdf, video and audio ) to generate and show a thumbnail preview.

    Additionally, we are also adding new file listing tag for showing image previews with watermark for gallery type packages.

    Yes, you can import featured image from CSV too.


    Shaon, when is the implemtation for the template tag [product_preview] ?


    Hopefully with the next update, coming within next few week, though don’t have an exact date yet.

    Martin Duys

    Has this feature been released yet? And if so, where can I find documentation on how to use it?

    Martin Duys

    A rough idea on when you plan to have this feature released would be really useful.


    I would also be happy if there are any news… ;(

    Media Workz

    Any news on [product_preview]?


    Finally, we have added the tag, the update is coming soon.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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