Plugin Creates "download page" can we turn that off

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    First of all – love the plugin! Great support and it’s super useful on my site.

    What I am wondering is if there is a way to disable access to the ‘page’ that each download creates when a new product is added. I notice each product has an associated URL. That’s great and all but I want to put all the downloads on one page with shortcode on my member’s site and allow members to download it for free. That’s totally doable at the moment but I don’t like the fact anyone can access the specific download page and just grab the download for free without logging on.

    Now I also realize I can jump through a bunch of settings and hoops to make each download ‘page’ created be locked but wouldn’t it be nice if I had the option to turn off the direct link from inside this plugin? Does this make sense? (see image)

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    If you remove “All Visitors” from “Allow Access” option with package settings, and select other user roles, users must have to login to get access to download. Which is explained here:

    Package Settings

    Also, you can hide page link from link template, by using [title] tag instead of [page_link] tag with the link template.




    Thank you so much for the reply!

    I was able to get something that worked by setting the Post Content to “Post Content”. That effectively removed all the details of the item and still allows me to set download buttons as I need.

    Love the plugin and plan on putting some money into your work to support you even though I don’t need all the bells and whistles!

    Thank you again!

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