How do you replace or overwrite a file?

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Carola van Schie

We are a non-profit sports club.

We have a simple question but can’t find the answer.
How do you replace an attached file with a newer version without it generating a new unique download link? Ex:
GPX 2022 has “?wpdmdl=23836&ind=1626097315457” link, but we need to update the file to 2023, yet keep “?wpdmdl=23836&ind=1626097315457” as it’s manually linked in other places on the website. When I upload the second gpx file it shows files uploaded for the package, but I am trying to over-write it, not keep both.

Or is this only possible with the Pro version? The price of it is too expensive for us.

Thank you in advance.



As you are using free version ind parameter will not do anything there, download function only will check wpdmdl parameter, as each package has only one file. So, download link will work fine even after replacing old file with new one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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