Can't Get Table Shortcode to Sort Properly

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    I’m evaluating the free version of Download Manager and like it a lot, but I’m having trouble with it doing a very simple sort. On a test page, I’m using the following shortcode: [wpdm-all-packages items_per_page="20" categories="buyer-documents" jstable=1 order_by="title" order="asc"]

    The test page contains two PDF documents, one title that begins “#5” and the other that begins “#7”. I would expect that the file beginning with “#5” would be listed first and the file beginning with “#7” would list second, but no matter what I try the opposite is true; the file beginning with “#7” appears first.

    I’ve noticed some other quirkiness. First, when the page initially loads, the two files appear ordered correctly but a moment later they “flip” and order themselves in reverse, as if some javascript is forcing them into the wrong order. I’ve also noticed that the Create Date column heading “down” widget appears activated by default, even though I never click it. With the Create Date column heading “down” widget clicked, the two documents do indeed sort in the wrong order. Is it possible that there’s some client-side scripting that’s defaulting the table to automatically sort by create date in descending order?

    If I can get this issue resolved I’ll likely make a purchase. Can you help?


    If javascript reordering it, you need to skip jstable=1 from the shortcode.


    Thanks for the reply! I tried removing the jstable=1 code and it did seem to fix my problem–I can get the tables to sort alphabetically now. However, I’ve also lost the ability to sort by column (which I really want) and I’ve noticed that removing the jstable=1 code also affected the size of the text (made it larger) which I don’t want.

    It seems to me that there’s something wrong with the plugin–I should be able to use the jstable=1 shortcode and still get the default title sorting that I’m looking for. If I made a purchase of the plugin would the issue go away?


    please give me your URL to check.


    A perfect example of my issues can be viewed online at There are 12 documents assigned to the category I’m displaying, and when the page is initially loaded the files do appear in alphabetical order according to title. A split second later, however, they reorganize themselves by date in descending order (which isn’t what I want). Note that after the page loads, the “Created Date” column’s down widget is bright, as if I had manually selected the column and requested the table to be ordered by descending date.

    Here’s the shortcode I’m using to display the page:

    [wpdm-all-packages items_per_page="20" categories="real-estate-articles" jstable=1 order_by="title" order="asc"]

    This really seems like a bug with your plugin but perhaps I don’t have something configured correctly?

    Finally, is there a way for me to further configure the presentation of the table? Ideally, I’d prefer NOT to display the title of each document as a link and I’d prefer to forego the Categories and Created Date columns completely in preference to displaying a Descriptions category instead. Is such configuration possible or do I not have a choice regarding how the table is presented?

    Thanks for all the help!


    Okay, we have found the issue, the fix is coming with the next update.


    Was this issue resolved? I am having the same issues as described by Scott. Anytime I add a new package after the initial bulk upload, it does not display in alphabetical order. I created a dummy package with just a title and added it to a category. I am running WPDM 4.7.1. You can see how the issues described by Scott are still occurring at the below URL.



    This is the shortcode I am using.

    [wpdm-all-packages items_per_page="50" categories="promotional-documents" jstable=1 order_by="field_name" order="asc"]


    Michael, my issue was indeed fixed with a recent update to the plugin. Be sure you have the latest version of Download Manager–it should sort correctly.



    I am running the latest version and it did not fix the issue.



    To confirm, I checked-out one of the pages of the site I’m using the plugin with ( and the list is indeed automatically sorting by title. The short code I’m using to generate this list is as follows:

    [wpdm-all-packages items_per_page="20" categories="real-estate-articles" jstable=1 order_by="title" order="asc"]

    When I first encountered my problems, I noticed that by default the list’s Create Date column’s “down” widget was automatically activated, which meant that the list was being sorted by descending date instead of by title (and nothing I tried seemed to override that). The vendor was able to reproduce the problem and quickly fixed it; once the newer version of the plugin was released, the problem went away (notice on my site how, by default, the Title field’s “Up” widget is displayed).

    So, I’m surprised your list isn’t sorting correctly–it does work with all of my lists. Have you tried different browsers and/or different devices to see if that makes a difference?


    Yes I have tried it on different browsers. It seems to be a new or different problem.

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