WPDM - ConvertKit

Integrate your Download Manager with ConvertKit using this add-on. This add-on is integrated with Download Manager's Email Lock feature. When a user downloads a file using their email address, ConvertKit add-on lets your user automatically subscribe to a selected ConvertKit form.

You can use a global form for all of your packages/downloads or use package specific form. ConvertKit is a great tool for email marketers. Download Manager integration with ConvertKit makes you email marketing process more powerful.

Setting up WPDM - ConvertKit:

  1. Install and activate the add-on first
  2. Go to Dashboard Downloads Settings ConvertKit. Save API Key and global form. Get your API key hereconvertkit-settings
  3. Now in Package settings activate Email Lock. You can set a form for the current package only. But you can also use the global formemail-lock-convertkit
  4. Now user must submit their email address to access download. And submitted email will be added to your subscribers list in ConvertKitconvertkit-front

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