WPDM Zoho CRM Leads

WPDM – ZOHO CRM Leads add-on integrates WordPress Download Manager Pro with ZOHO CRM. Using WPDM – ZOHO CRM Leads add-on you can forward the leads collected using email lock to ZOHO CRM directly.

How to setup:

Please follow the steps:

  1. Install and activate WPDM – ZOHO CRM Leads ( wpdm-zoho.zip )
  2. Go to Admin Menu => Downloads => Settings => ZOHO CRM tab
  3. Now login to your zoho api console to generate zoho client id and secret
  4. Click “Add Client” link on top right corner of the api console
  5. When new side panel appears, click on the option “Server-based Applications”
  6. As “Authorized Redirect URIs ” use the redirect url shown on the wpdm settings page you opened in step #2
  7. Now click “Create” button and you should see “Client ID” and “Client Secret”.
  8. Use them on wpdm settings page “Step #2”
  9. Click “Save Settings”
  10. Now, refresh the page you a button “Connect with zoho” will appear:
  11. Click the on button to connect wpdm with your zoho account.
  12. That’s all

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