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Would it be possible for you to add PDF password protection? Maybe add it to the PDF Stamper plugin?

Using something similar to this?

Dynamically Adding Passwords to PDFs using PHP

For me, it would be ideal to password protect the file using the user’s email address or their website password, or possibly hook it to your license manager?

Thanks for considering.




You can password protect the PDF using PDF Viewer add-on ://urlmasked and password lock feature. This lock is intended for viewer lock on your site.

If you want to add the password to the file then use PDF Stamper add-on. In this approach, the user must provide a password to open the downloaded file.




Hi Shahriar,

Thank you, that is very useful I didn’t realise the option was already included. I have a few queries:

1 – When the package is free to a particular Plan, the user goes through a purchase process but it still shows Paypal option in the checkout. Could it be made to not show any payment processor when the file is free?

2 – I used the order ID as the password to open the PDF (ie I left the field blank). It is quite difficult for the user to select the order ID to copy it because it is a link. Could it be added somewhere as an easily selectable ‘password’, to make things more clear.

3 – I would prefer if the user had to enter their website password or email address to open the file (because they won’t want to share that information with someone else). Could that be implemented in PDF stamper?

4 – Because this PDF (for example) is available for free to some plans, it can be downloaded without going through the PDF stamper process by using the link in “Membership Items”. Can that be avoided so that any download of the PDF always goes through PDF stamper?

Many thanks,

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