WordPress Newsletters and AutoResponder Plugin

WordPress Newsletters and AutoResponder Plugin

WordPress Newsletters and AutoResponder Plugin will help you to notify all subscribers about new posts, downloads and their updates. Create and schedule newsletters, automated emails, post update notifications and autoresponders. Capture subscribers with appealing signup widgets, Import & Export Subscribers. An easy to use newsletter solution for WordPress and WordPress Download Manager.

WordPress Newsletters Plugin Features:

  1. Multiple ready to use email templates
  2.  Unlimited sends and subscribers
  3. Send your latest posts and download them automatically
  4. Send post and download update notifications to subscribers easily
  5. Single And Double Opt-In
  6. SMPT Support with custom email sending frequency limit
  7. and many more…

Please check here ( http://www.wpdownloadmanager.com/docsfor/wpdm-newsletter/ ) to get a clear concept about this plugin.

Comments [ 10 ]

  • richardyoung

    the link above is broken.
    I think it should be http://www.wpdownloadmanager.com/docsfor/wpdm-newsletter/

  • DearestDebi

    Shaon, can you use WPDM Newsletter with mandrill? http://www.mandrill.com

    • Shaon

      Not Yet, But we will add the feature soon.

      • biggerbush

        Shaon, you mention “WPDM Newsletter add-on will help you to notify all subscriber about new package and package updates”. I reviewed the documentation and I cannot see any way to relate the Email Lock capture emails to a Subscriber List?

        I need function so that when user Downloads a package with email lock, they are added to a Campaign List. Therefore, if we make a change to that download package, we can notify all of those users who downloaded it that a new version is available.

        • Shaon

          We shall add an import button soon, for now, only list subscriber will be listed there.

          Ok, we shall add this too with the next update, which will be available within this month.

  • Nikodemsky

    When can I expect global template for package update notification?

  • chrbonte

    Hi, I just bought this add-on.

    Could you please fix the documentation? Everywhere I miss images except in the campaign part. It makes it unclear. I don’t understand what I need to do the what I explain below.

    The only thing I want to do is give the ability to users to subscribe to a package and once a package is updated than a mail is automatically send.

    Thank you

    • chrbonte


      Managed to let appear a subscribe button on a download package page but after subscribing and modifying a package no mail is sent.

      Also checked the notify subscriber checkbox.
      Also the unsubscribe button seems disabled and unclickable after being subscribed although no mail is sent.
      There are type errors in the labels.
      Applying the only template “T1” gives a blank template (is this normal)?

  • jplotner

    I have setup WPDM and am using the add-on WPDM Newsletter. I have created a subscription list and subscribers. When I create the subscriber and select the subscription list, it shows the person is a part of the list. However, if I go back to the subscription list, it shows that no one has subscribed. Therefore, emails don’t go out.

    Is there an issue with the plug or what is the best way to get an answer to this question?

  • Benjamin D'urso

    Is it possible to add a registration field to this newsletter when people register as a user? To make the subscription legal at the time of registration.

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WordPress Newsletters and AutoResponder Plugin
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