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MailChimp Subscription add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro gives you an option to add Download Manager subscribers to your MailChimp list directly without any extra hassle. You simply need to enable email lock for a package. So when user will enter their email address to download the package the email automatically will be added to your selected MailChimp list.

Using this MailChimp add-on you can add your new signups to a MailChimp list. The users can be added to different lists based on their user roles. It also has support for Premium Package and Pro Membership add-ons. You can add your customers and Membership plan subscribers to pre-defined lists which are very useful for an e-commerce/membership site.

Setting Up MailChimp Subscription Plugin:

  1. After Purchase, You Can download the Add-on from Premium Download Area
  2. Install and activate it like any other regular plugin
  3. Now go to Dashboard >> Downloads >> Settings >> MailChimp Tab and you will see the following options there:

    List Assignment Settings:

    MailChimp Settings - WordPress Download Manager

    Configure Data Mapping:
    MailChimp Settings - Data Mapping - WordPress Download Manager

  4. Copy the MailChimp API Key from Your MailChimp Account ( How To Create a MailChimp API Key )
  5. Paste it in MailChimp API Key input as shown in #3
  6. Check the “Enable Double Opt-in” option if you want to Enable it
  7. Click the “Save Settings” box.
  8. After you see the “Settings Saved Successfully.” message, Click on MailChimp Menu Button on the left to update the list in MailChimp List Dropdown ( as shown in #3 )
  9. Select your list from MailChimp List Dropdown and Again Save Settings.
  10. Now if you apply email lock in any package and from the front-end when a user submits the form with email, it will also be added to your selected MailChimp list.
  11. However, if you want to select a different list for different download, you can do that from here:

Optin Form Shortcode:

All of the above-stated subscriptions are automated based on user actions ( registration, purchase, download etc ). But if you want to add an opt-in form for manual subscription. Use this shortcode to place an opt-in form anywhere you want and select the list for this form in MailChimp settings.


Comments [ 19 ]

  • trouille2

    A double opt-in option would be great

  • lizziesmith00

    I’ve followed all of these instructions and I am still not able to “lock” by email. The only options are lock by password and captcha – same as before. I’ve already included the mailchimp API, etc. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Vidya

    It would be useful to be able to display the fields directly from the Mailchimp list.
    Currently if I enter my full name, like Alain Minnoy, it fills my Mailchimp with
    First Name: Alain Minnoy
    Last Name: Alain Minnoy

    Please could you add this feature?

  • henk

    Does Mailchimp Subscription only add the email to the mailchimp list or also other fields like i.e. name etc.?

  • danjamespotter

    Hi Shaon, WPDM looks like an amazing plugin from the free version. I’m looking to buy the full version and this mailchimp plugin – is there the functionality to add email addresses from the registration form to mailchimp lists?

  • GreenJames

    In the new world of GDPR, it would be good if there was a checkbox provided on the form for people to choose to be added to the MailChimp list, rather than just automatically adding them to the list when they submit the form with email.

    Would that be possible?

    • Shahriar

      You can enable the double opt-in from add-on settings. When double opt-in is enabled, a user is added to the list only after getting consent. MailChimp sends an email to get the list subscription consent.

  • CScience

    Does this trigger an email whenever the file is updated? Will the subscribers to the list under the file get an update email whenever anything changes with the file?

  • Benjamin D'urso

    The “New User Signup Mailchimp” feature is very good. But does the user have a checkbox to subscribe to the newsletter in signup form? Thanks.

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