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Verse is a responsive WordPress Theme for Digital Shop specially designed for WordPress Download Manager and Premium Package Addon.  If you are going to build an online shop to sell digital products, this theme could be a perfect choice for you. This theme has all necessary features to build a single digital store or full-featured marketplace. You also can use the theme to build a site like Order Note and Attachment feature with Premium Package Add-on will help the seller to sell service and upload their works after they are done.

Verse Features:

  • General: Change header/footer logo, layout type, color schemes
  • Sidebars: very easy to use custom dynamic sidebar generator, create as many sidebars as your need and assign those in different pages
  • Layouts: Dynamic layout control, select different layout for different page and control sidebar width easily
  • Typography: Very extensive typography option to control font family, size, style and text color
  • Search Page: You can control post type visibility in WordPress search function
  • 5 different nav bar styles
  • 5 different page header styles
  • And it is totally free

Required Plugins:

Download Sample Data   Read Documentation

Change Log:

[panel class="panel-logs panel-default" title="Version: 1.5.1 | Released on June 26, 2018"]

  • [label class="success" caption="Update!"] Compatibility release for wpdm pro v4.7.6

[/panel][panel class="panel-logs panel-default" title="Version: 1.5.0 | Released on Mar 26, 2017"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added additional styles for homepage

[/panel][panel class="panel-logs panel-default" title="Version: 1.4.0 | Released on May 12, 2016"]

  • [label class="success" caption="Upgrade!"] Improved search feature
  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added in-site theme update

[/panel][panel class="panel-logs panel-default" title="Version: 1.3.0 | Released on  Feb 02, 2016"]

  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Compatibility released for WordPress Download Manager v4.5

[/panel][panel class="panel-logs panel-default" title="Version: 1.1.0 | Released on  Sep 01, 2015"]

  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Fixed issue with blog page
  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Fixed issue nav bar styles

[/panel][panel class="panel-logs panel-default" title="Version: 1.0.0 | Released on  Aug 28, 2015"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Initial Release


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Verse – WordPress Digital Shop Theme
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