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What is Payouts ?

If you gave permission to your site users to sell their products using Premium Package front end, here you can manage withdraw request of shop owners, set mature period for their sell. You can specify Payout Duration, set role based commissions for user, view withdraw request by user, pay users through Paypal etc.

How Payout works ?

Users with front end access can add their own products and sell them. After a time period (set by administrator in Downloads -> Payouts -> Payouts Settings) known as “Payout Duration”. By this payout duration if customer did not request refund or did not get requested products, admin can assume that customer transaction was successful and package/product owner can make a request for an withdraw by Seller front end. If customer request a refund or complain that He/She did not get desired product, administrator can cancel the requested transaction from Orders menu in WordPress admin panel and the user will not be paid for this transaction. Here are the steps with relevant screenshots:

  1. Seller adds their PayPal email on Author Dashboard >> Edit Profile:
    Add PayPal Email - Author Dashboard - WordPress Download Manager
  2. Author can request payout for any amount up to their balance:
    Send Payout Request - Author Dashboard - WordPress Download Manager
  3. Admin can check pending payout requests from Admin Menu >> Downloads >> Payouts >> Due Tab:
    Pending Payout Requests - WordPress Download Manager
  4. You will be redirected to PayPal and you need to login to your account to pay:
    Process Payout Request - PayPal Checkout
Last updated on Jun 27, 2018

Need More Clarification?

For any technical issue, if you are already using pro version please post in pro forum and free version users please post in free forum. Otherwise, if you have any pre-sale or order related query please contact live chat support team. For technical support.

Need Customization?

If you need additional customization on WordPress Download Manager or any type of custom support on WordPress you may contact our customization service.