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WPDM - Premium Package Plugin also includes a comprehensive order management suite allowing you to easily manage your customers orders. All the orders are listed here. Admin can change the status of orders and payment here.

Order List

Order Details By clicking any Order ID link, order details page will be displayed. Here you can view the detailed information of the selected Order ID.

Order Details

Order Status

  • Pending An order has been placed but not yet paid for. For example, through PayPal.
  • On-Hold Manual payment methods will automatically be placed on-hold. You will manually have to process these orders. Usually from the Bank Transfer or Cheque gateway.
  • Processing The product has been successfully paid for, just not yet shipped.
  • Completed The customer receives a notification that their order is complete. This usually signifies shipment to be complete.
  • Cancelled The customer (or admin) cancelled this order.
  • Refunded The customer (or admin) refunded this order.
Last updated on Sep 3, 2015