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Alessandro Giannini

Hi, I’ve a little problem with the free version.
I can’t show you the page involved because it’s an intranet wordpress installation.
I made a simple download page with the search bar on top.
The page worked perfectly until I changed the position of the website.
When moved it on the new position and updated databases and other stuff, Elementor did’nt load anymore so I changed the permalink structure to “plain” to have elementor working again.
Now, when I use the wpdm’s search bar it show me a Post page instead the page I created for the results. If I delete any post and build a new page for the search result with the shortcode [wpdm_search_result] and link it to the search bar on the main page, when I try to search something it shows me a blank page and I cant see the file I’m looking for.
All of this worked perfectly before the update of the permalink structure.
Do you have any suggestion?


Alessandro Giannini

I Just tried With a fresh installation. The issue is the same. Maybe because of ann elementor updates?


Sagar Barua

There is another type of search function like the first one using the shortcode below

[wpdm_all_packages] – List all downloads in tabular format in a page


Alessandro Giannini

Thank You Sagar, tomorrow in the morning I’ll try this solution and let you know It It works.
In the meantime today I tryed to use another widget that includes a filter option and It has the same issue of the search bar.


Alessandro Giannini

OK, just tried, the issue is still here. The “search bar” give me a blank page with only the header.


Alessandro Giannini

Ok, I thing I figured out the issue.
WPDM works only with the permalink’s structure setted to %postname%
In my first installation, unfortunately, elementore doesn’t work with that type of permalink structure.
I tryed some new installation, either offline or online with permalinks setted on plain and WPDM doesn’t work.
Now I done a fresh install of wordpress offline with permalinks setted on %postname” and WPD works correctly.
I don’t know if this issue can be solved.
I mark this thread as “Resolved” if I can.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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