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Steve Extranoski

Dear all,

I am writing to provide some feedback and suggestions for improving the functionality and compatibility of the WordPress Download Manager plugin. As a user who greatly appreciates the value your plugin adds to my website, I believe these enhancements will further enhance its usability and appeal to a wider audience.

1. Improved compatibility with WPML Plugin:
While using the WordPress Download Manager plugin in conjunction with the WPML plugin for multilingual support, I’ve noticed that certain strings such as “Loading…” are not able to be translated. It would be immensely beneficial if these strings could be made translatable to ensure a seamless multilingual experience for users across different language preferences.

2. Consistent file size display:
Currently, I’ve observed that file sizes are only displayed correctly when files are uploaded directly to the server. However, when files are uploaded from the WordPress media library, the file size is consistently shown as “0.00 KB.” It would greatly enhance user experience if the plugin could accurately display file sizes regardless of the upload method.

3. Enhanced Integration with Elementor styling options:
With the increasing popularity of the Elementor page builder, it would be advantageous to improve integration with its styling options. This would allow users to seamlessly match the download buttons and elements with the overall design aesthetics of their Elementor-built pages.

4. Custom Single Package Template Creation:
Providing users with the ability to create custom single package templates would offer greater flexibility in designing and presenting download items. This feature would empower users to tailor the appearance of individual download pages to align with their branding and website design.

I believe implementing these enhancements would not only elevate the WordPress Download Manager plugin but also contribute to a more satisfying user experience for its diverse user base. Your dedication to continually improving the plugin is commendable, and I am confident that these suggestions will further enhance its value proposition.

I look forward to seeing these improvements in future updates of the WordPress Download Manager plugin.

Best regards,
Steve Extranoski



Hello, Steve

I hope this message finds you in a good health.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to bringing even more improvements in the future.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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