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    I have 3 Feature Request
    1) Please add Feature Double Opt-in when used Email Lock:
    Step 1: Customer type in my form -> My customer reiceved Email Verify Link
    Step 2: Customer Clcik this email verify -> system will send Email with Link Download

    And in My Subscribers Admin show 1 columm status: Unverified (when my customer have not Click Verified in Step 1) or Verified (when my customer have click link verify) and accept exoort list

    2) And Automatic Merge all Subscribers with same Email and same pakage download

    3) add button Email Notification in Package when i have update Version 1 Pakage, i have Click this button, it send all notification to my customer have purchaged or Downloaded this Package

    Thank you

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    I was coming here to request double opt-in feature as well. All of these suggestions from Martino are wonderful.


    It must be the thing to do in Feb 2018! Yes, this would extremely useful and would prevent bogus downloads (made up email address).


    Do you have any notice about this feature, it’s a important feature for user in Europe because GPRD.


    In WPDM Pro v4.7.4, we added a feature to keep the download request by email pending approval and you can manually verify the emails and approve and decline the request. As, in regular double opt-in, people still can use disposable email and download your package.


    In regards to GPRD the subscriber is the one who needs to double opt-in, not us as the collector of the information. This addition of keeping the email pending until approval is good for false emails only but doesn’t solve the double opt-in requirement.

    For double opt-in, if they entered an incorrect email address they wouldn’t be able to verify and we are asking that the package not be delivered until they verify. This would kill 2 birds with one stone. It would require accurate email addresses as well as be providing the double opt-in requirement for GPRD.

    From Martino’s original request:

    Step 1: Customer type in my form -> My customer receives Email Verify Link to the email address they entered.
    Step 2: Customer Clicks this email verify -> system will send Email with Link Download


    Under new GDPR, double opt-in as well as positive consent that they want to be emailed is an absolute requirement.

    This is how it needs to be done:
    * Provide a checkbox that says they want to subscribe. It has to be default not checked.
    * Send an email opt-in that requires them to confirm subscription
    * According to GDPR, “soft opt-ins” are not allowed. Which means you can’t opt them in, or even send them an opt-in email if they don’t want to, and you can’t require email to download.
    * This means that if they DON’T check the box to subscribe, you must still allow the download, even if they didn’t provide an email address

    See examples here:
    * https://litmus.com/blog/5-things-you-must-know-about-email-consent-under-gdpr
    From the above link “If subscribing to a newsletter is required in order to download a whitepaper, for example, then that consent is not freely given. Signing up for emails is optional—you can always download the ebook without subscribing to our emails.”

    * https://www.pactsafe.com/blog/the-gdpr-and-email-marketing-dont-rely-on-double-opt-in-to-track-consent
    From the above link: “You should be collecting and tracking consent the moment a person subscribes to your emails. The most familiar way to do this is with a click-through or clickwrap agreement. Click-through agreements are those little tick boxes you’ve seen to accept privacy policies and terms of use when you sign up for almost any service online:”

    This means you need an additional checkbox that says the party consents to the collection of data and has read the linked privacy agreement.

    YES this is a massive pain in the ass. But the fines for non-compliance are gigantic.

    Furthermore, we use the YMLP mailer and want to integrate that with WP DownloadManager but it looks like that’s not supported. How can we integrate our mailer so that when they check the checkbox that says they want to subscribe, it goes to the YMLP subscription manager to send the opt-in message, not to

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