Package Lists / Collections

Let your customers create and share custom lists ( Package List / Wish List / Collections ) of products using WPDM Package List. And increase the number potential buyers. It is a great feature for an e-commerce store. WPDM Package list helps to increase traffic to your store when customers share their package list/ Wish Lists in various social networks.

WPDM Package List features

  • User can create multiple lists
  • List privacy control ( Private and public lists )
  • List sharing in multiple networks
  • Add , remove products to/from a list easily
  • Customize 'Add To List' button using icons and label
  • Use [add_to_list] template tag and place list button in your Link/Page template. So you have freedom to put it wherever you want.
  • [add_to_list_url] template tag provides further customization opportunity. It only return add to list URL
  • Option available to automatically generate 'Add To List' button after Download/Add to cart button. No need to use template tag in this case.
  • All user actions ( add/ remove product, create list etc ) are AJAX based which provides smooth user experience



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