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    Thank you for your amazing plugin it helped me lot

    but I am facing problem while click on download button zip file is not downloading.

    Please suggest me….


    JOhn Wry

    I’ve got the same problem. “error de red”


    Paul St John

    Hopping on an old thread, we are having a similar [perhaps] problem. Downloads of zips work intermittently. Sometimes (often) the downloaded file would not be complete, or if it looked to be the correct size it is corrupted. Our website is hosted off-site from office and this problem has occurred at the office, home and for at least one customer.

    We have one intern who can could never download a zip to the laptop from our website regardless of whether in the office or at home. Gets ‘Connection interrupted’ or similar message.

    Have either of the previous posters resolved their issue? If so, what was your resolution?


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