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    Are you planing on Woocommerce integration ?

    How much would it cost for such integration


    WPDM users don’t need woocommerce, The Premium Package add-on is far better than woocommrece for selling digital products:

    Premium Package – WordPress Digital Store Solution


    THE problem is when you want to sell a mixture of physical and digital you end up with 2 shopping carts!!

    Think you missed the point about integration…


    @nampara17, in case you need to sell physical products, we are thinking to develop a new add-on for physical product properties/settings and shipping settings. We shall start work on this soon.


    +1 woo

    woo is required by a lot of businesses for compliance reasons; you guys can build the second coming … but; especially as you start dealing with large clients that want to do something other than ecommerce – they won’t let it in their infastructure because it’s easier to say no and maintain control than approve several options … same with Zapier (for example)

    plus; sometimes there are 3rd party support involved that contract for specific things; and can push it out of scope… it’s crazy – but I’m working on pulling it into woo right now on a sub domain to act as a file server… they loved the theme, bought the product … but job one is to not let a “foreign” theme into production

    May get them to bend a bit and do a hybrid – but it excludes a lot of buyers who may use the product in odd ways =p

    From a dev commitment – the ROI would have to be solid; even if it was farmed out … Woo is huge

    ( sorry – integration wonk)


    We already use woocommerce… so being able to integrate the DM plugin into our already existing process/workflow would be huge… if that’s not possible, I’ll just be looking for a download manager that works with woocommerce. I image a huge number of people are in the same boat… thanks!

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