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    Yesterday I installed WPD to test and I was able to test a video file download and preview the video also.

    Later that day I installed Woo Commerce and later on I noticed I cannot preview the video in the Video Player template any more. I have disabled and removed Woo Commerce, but still cannot get video preview to work. Also I can download the video just fine.

    From the dev tools on Chrome or Firefox I get the Status

    “Code: 206 Partial Content”

    Not sure what it going on, help, thank you.

    Side note yesterday I purchased the Pro version, but the website gave a black error after I submit card info and click buy. Now I am not sure I want to buy until I get this issue resolved.

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    Will leave reply here for the benefit of others.

    I found the issue, I had set the File Download> Download speed> incorrectly. Once I fixed (set to default) 4096, the video preview worked.

    Thank you for a great product, plan on purchasing the Pro.

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