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Hello dear developers

It would be nice if in the WordPress Pro Membership “Subscribers” panel, they added two additional columns where the “payment system” and the “Payment System Subscription ID” are displayed. As shown in the picture: https://ibb.co/VNJNsWf

This would be useful to expedite the search for users who paid for a subscription and address any issues.

I know that entering the “Manage” section shows the information of each subscriber such as the “payment system” and the “Payment System Subscription ID”. But for stores that have a large list of subscribers it would be impossible to enter each “manage” and identify the subscribers through their “Payment System Subscription ID”.

This is why I would additionally suggest placing a search engine at the top of the Subscribers panel where users can be searched by their Payment System Subscription ID. https://ibb.co/VNJNsWf

There are customers who pay for their subscription with a PayPal account other than the registration email in the store.

These customers request a refund of their payment and it is impossible to identify them. The only data we know is the “Payment System Subscription ID”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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