Thumbnail instead of download Icon?

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    Hey there is it possible to get the Images as preview instead of file icons?


    Instead to just show the pictures of the “Download Type”?

    Kind regards


    You can set your icon from files-> package settings -> icons option
    Attached an image to help you.
    Thank you

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    I’m curious about this as well. My client would like to have a thumbnail preview of the attached documents. Can this plugin add a thumbnail of the document rather than one of the icons?


    Mine would too! +1

    Hasibul Amin Hemel


    you can use [pdf_thumb_WxH] to show pdf thumbnails.
    You can add thumbnail preview by attached the thumbnail as an image in the custom link or page template. Or by replacing the icon file with a thumbnail image.


    Jordan P

    Using a custom thumbnail image for the custom icon does not work. I tried adding a custom thumbnail image and the icon displayed is the unknown.svg icon, not the thumbnail image that was added. Does the custom icon URL work with jpg files?

    Hasibul Amin Hemel

    Hi @jordanpwebdev,

    Please upload the icon file and use the link in the package settings icon to show the specific icon for the package. Yes, jpg/png files will work as an icon. Or you can use [thumb_WxH] or [featured_image] to show package feature image as a thumb.


    Adam C

    My interpretation of this request (and my personal need) is for the plugin to automatically generate a pdf preview image. The above suggestions require I generate my own pdf preview image file and then upload. This is very tedious. Is there an automated method?


    Possible with wpdm pro only, there you can use a template tag [pdf_thumb] to generate thumbnail automatically from attached PDF.


    Hi, i was wondering if there is a way to create show thumbnails of image-files (just like [pdf_thumb]) without uploading a featured image or a separate thumbnail?

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