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Can you give me a quote for a bulk import plugin extension? Here is what I would like, and I think this can suit many people:

“One Name One Package” Bulk Import Plugin

Purpose easily import hundreds of packages from a folder. Admin creates a folder on the server with files as follows (my example is midi files):

My Song.htm
My Song.jpg
My Song.mid
My Song.mp3
My Song.png
My Song.seq
My Song.txt
My Song.wav
My Song.zip
My Song.zz1
My Song.(any extension)
Your Song.htm
Your Song.jpg
Your Song.mid
Your Song.mp3
Your Song.png
Your Song.seq
Your Song.txt
Your Song.wav
Your Song.zip
Your Song.zz1
Your Song.(any extension)
etc. etc.

SETUP.csv – Ths file structures the setup of the files in the folder. Example contents of SETUP.csv are:

Role Based Discount,wppm_1,100
Role Based Discount,wppm_2,50
Role Based Discount,wppm_3,50
category,Rock Songs
category,Free Downloads
tag,Something Else
Available From,30/07/2019
Expire On,31/07/2019

***(Everything else comes from Settings Defaults but you could add the above into Settings-Defaults instead of in SETUP.csv)***

jpg,Additional Previews
mid,Main Download
mp3,Audio Preview
png,Featured Image
Any other file extension not listed above gets added to the package as a download.

Each file in the imported package has the same name and a different file extension. The SETUP.csv dictates what is to be done with each file extension. Files with different names are included in a zip, so this method can cope with importing almost any type of package by importing files from server folders.

After the packages are imported, additional details can be managed by the normal csv import and export feature.

I hope I have managed to explain the concept. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

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