Problem with Uploading Files On Bitnami

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Chris Carpenter


We use Bitnami WordPress deployment via AWS and have found that on a few of our websites when uploading a file to the download via drag and drop or choosing (not via media library) it shows it uploads and adds the file but when the post is saved, it shows no file has been uploaded.

I felt this might of been a permissions thing so have changed the owner and file permission to 777 but still with no luck. I did try with a default theme but also no luck. It seems to only have a problem with Bitnami as other sites we manage which we build with the same plugins don’t experience this issue.

We are using the free version 3.2.80. Any help would be amazing. Thanks!


Humayon Kabir

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your response.

As the issue is occurring only with Bitnami then most probably it’s server side related and not occurring due to WPDM.

In that case, we suggest you please get in touch with Bitnami team and they can provide you accurate information.

Also, you may find this helpful:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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