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Tim Paull

Excellent product, I’m the proud owner of the pro version and have been extremely happy with it so far.

I would love to see integration with – allowing membership ‘patron’ subscriptions to carry across for access to specific downloads, discounts/free on others, and other features in Download Manager.

Patreon currently allows some wordpress integration with their API, and provides their own plugin for site restrictions: , and they also reference a paid 3rd party plugin from Codebard;

I use both of those plugins, and am able to hack together a kind of messy Patreon integration with the Download Manager, but if it natively supported Patreon memberships, I feel that would be a fantastic feature add, if it’s in your wheelhouse, and bring you a lot of new customers who utilize Patreon and offer digital goods and services from their sites.

Thanks for the great product and support!

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