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    I just posted this topic to the official WordPress forum, but I think to get better assist direct at the publishers forum, so I copy my request
    Hi all,
    I just installed WP Download Manager Free and put a download online.
    This works fine as long as the password lock is disabled.
    As soon as I enable password lock and enter a password, update the page, it doesn´t download any longer.
    It shows all the fields like enter password and submit, but no matter which password I enter, nothing happens. It just returns to my start page without any message.
    How can I find out the reason? I already tried several settings like disabling css and the other options or disabling resuming downloads. Nothing really helps.
    As soon as I clear the password field of the download and disable Password Lock again, I am able to download again.
    Any advice appreciated.


    Please send temporary wp-admin login info in private reply to check the issue.

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    Need administrator access.


    Hi Shahjada,

    as this is my company´s site I am not allowed to give you wordpress admin rights, unfortunately.
    Trying to figure out myself how to fix it, has something to do with our style sheet most probably.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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