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    I’m wanting to implement breadcrumbs at the top of my pages but not sure how to get the Parent Category depending on the Category the user is viewing. For example:

    A user is viewing the Wireless Expert category and all the files associated to it and I want the breadcrumb to be Marketing Assets > Flyers because those are the two parent categories tied to it. Is this possible in the free version?


    Hi, you can try with any breadcrumb plugin like and then select The hierarchy as category from their settings. Hope this can solve your problem.
    Thank you


    That helped me when I’m inside categories but I’m still stuck on when the user is viewing an individual file. I use the [categories] to display a breadcrumb on those pages but the problem is the categories that file is tied to are listed in alphabetical order and separated by a comma. Is there a way to break them apart with a / and have them in proper order?

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    The plugin you recommended worked perfectly when I’m inside a category but when I’m viewing an actual file no breadcrumbs show.


    You can private message me your website page url and wp-admin temporary login to check.
    Thank you


    I would love to but right now I’m developing on my local machine.

    I’ve duplicated the “download-manager” folder inside my theme folder and I’m using the “page-template-default” file under “page-templates” so I can fully customize the look to match my site. When I call in the plugin you recommended nothing shows up on that template file. It shows up properly when I put it under the “taxonomy-wpdmcategory” file I’ve created.

    Should I be using something different than the “page-template-default” to view my files?

    Thank you for your help! I’m currently trying to set this plugin up to do a demo with my manager so I can showcase it’s worth purchasing the Pro version and some of the add-ons.

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