Mp3 sample enable and individual file link for locked email to download

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    1. I would like to have mp3 sample to listen to, before to download with locked email feature, once set the locked email to download, all file has been blocked including Mp3. The subscriber couldn’t listen to the sample music before download music score, Could this feature be apply to the pro plugin?

    2. To enable single file to download, when using locked email to download, all files are downloaded with the zip file. Even thought the link is sent to email is for all file download in Zip. Could the plugin possible to enable this? I mean the individual file link to download in Email, after submit the email address? The reason because, nowaday people use smartphone, and they have problems to unzip the file in there phone. I just wanted to provided the easiest way for subscriber to have nice and easy to access the file without install unzip app on the phone.

    thank you

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