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    Hi, since last update, the template shown for tags like [wpdm_package id='25463'] has changed. Is possible to revert this situation?


    In the last update, there was some major upgrade on the link/page templates. However, you can change the link template for that shortcode using TinyMCE shortcode generator add-on:

    Advanced TinyMCE button

    Or, if you are already using Gutenberg, use:

    Gutenberg Blocks


    Thanks for your fast response.

    There are hundreds of tags on the website. Is possible to change this all site wide?


    Here you can see old behaviur and new behavior

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    It exist a procedure to assign a template to all the links?

    I try to explain….

    my links are like [wpdm_package id=‘XXXX’]

    and i want to assign link-template-calltoaction3.php without rewriting all the links like

    [wpdm_package id='XXXX' template="link-template-calltoaction3.php"]

    i want link-template-calltoaction3.php to be the “default” template for all simple links.



    Sorry, there is no option to change in bulk.

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