Include Custom HTML block on certain downloads?

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Lethal Clarke


What’d be the best way of including a Custom HTML block on multiple pages but If I edit the “main” it updates all pages? Currently if something changes I manually edit every page with the new information.

However, now I’m at 28 pages it’s a bit of a drag and I’m sure there is a faster way! Obviously I can’t just make a customblock.php file and just do <?php include 'customblock.php';?> like here as WordPress doesn’t allow PHP.

Of course, there is WPCode Plugin (which I use for other things) but this will include it on every page I only want it on certain download items/listings under specific topic/category.



Nayeem Riddhi

Hello Lethal Clarke,

Hope you are well. Are you searching for such an add-on for adding blocks in Gutenberg?

Gutenberg Blocks

please check the above add-on and let me know

Thank you and regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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