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Download and Install awesome free add-ons from the following link to add extra features with your WordPress Download Manager:


I have a question…

Just bought the PRO version.

When I click on Add-ons In my dashboard I get a list of those and I found the Premium Package – WordPress Digital Store Solution. Now I have seen the “Premium Package” notice and suppose this is only for the Premium Package. But if i have the PRO version, why do I get the opportunity to download and install Add-ons for the Premium Package I don´t need?

Just wondering…

So far I am satisfied with the PRO version 🙂



Hi @webdesign123,

Add-ons come with the extra feature. There are some free add-ons available and others are premium. You can always download the free add-on from the website or add-on section. The premium package add-on includes the pricing feature with the package so you can use this addon to sell packages. The add-on section maintains the install and updates of download manager add-ons.



Mimi Mudd

I am unable to use the buttons with the free version. In my settings it says “access denied please login to download”


Tim Lord

Hi there – I’m looking for the colorboax add on so that we can preview images but I can’t seem to find it there?? Where can I download this please?


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Hi Bitnine,

Please create a separate ticket to report the Form Lock issue. You can track all your tickets here




Hello, how can i update free add-ons? It’s urgent! Using your free version of the plugin. Thank you so much.


Andrei Oprinca

Today I found an error on the Premium Packages addon. Ichecked the console and this error popped up:
Found 2 elements with non-unique id #user_login: Attached screenshot

This error shows up on the cart page where the Register and Login forms are displayed. I think both forms use the same Id


shaik imran

I hope this addon will work much better in Pro version than the free version


1. The premium add-on has some extra features that can we rank with the free version.
2. Can we rank without add-ons on a blogger platform?


orance Wlli

Tried not working for me


Varinder Singh

I installed the theme Verse.
The menu is showing in vertical.
How do I show it as horizontal


Rajkumar Maity

how to show wpdm related category files? please help me.


Barry Alt


Question regarding the OneDrive Add on.

My client asked “Is this for the Personal version of OneDrive or will it also work with OneDrive for Business (i.e. part of SharePoint?)

They have a OneDrive account that’s part of SharePoint and would like to use Download Manager but we want to confirm that it will work with they’re business plan first before we get into the project.




Hammed Silva

My add-ons page in my PRO installation on my WordPress says “null” and I cannot see the rest of the addons.


Peter Novotny

I’m using the pro version. trying to download the free File Manager ad-on but instead of a download button I have access denied.


Rick Stroup

I have the same issue as Post 135515. Purchased and installed Pro version, confirmed registration, and the Add-Ons page just says “Null”. Other parts of Pro seem to work fine. Help.


Hello, I need to transfer files from an old site to a new one. I am trying to install the “WP-Filebase Data Importer” from settings plugin, but nothing happens.
How I can install this add on?


Ikram Dirujii

hey honorable members, hope you all will be great.
I’m using wpdm pro, i want show some specific multiple files in table view with Search option.
Please guide me how i can do it, with Costum table.?
I’ll be very thankful for that.


Murray Barnard

I note others have access denied when trying to download free add-ons. I have the same issue, but I don’t see any answers on this forum. Whay is this so?


Emmanuel Setyawan

Hello, we purchased the PDF Stamper plugin a while ago, but it appears the WP Download Manager plugin (free) now keeps on giving us a critical error message when trying to access the list of all download files from within the plugin.

The website is hosted on platform (the paid one, not the free Chatted with their support team and they came back with the following detail:

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 53534720 bytes) in /wordpress/drop-ins/object-cache.php online 165

I’ve queried of ways to increase the memory limit, but unfortunately, (paid) doesn’t allow us to do that. They gave me the following link to see if there is something that can be done with the plugin to resolve the error:

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.



Victoria Bronner

Thanks for the information


Ricardo Jimenez

I need more shortcodes or more parameters in existing ones. For example, I would like to show recent downloads for a user without all the profile information (I’m using another plug-in for that). The Profile Shortcode could be so much more configurable (ability to add more tabs or to remove existing ones). I feel like the UI provided by UDM is too fixed with very little room for customization.



Hello Robert,
Hope you are well.
Please follow this link which will help you to solve your above-mentioned display issue.
By the way, stay safe and take care of your family. Hopefully, the Covid-19 outbreak will end up soon.

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