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W3 Eden

Download and Install awesome free add-ons from the following link to add extra features with your WordPress Download Manager:



I have a question…

Just bought the PRO version.

When I click on Add-ons In my dashboard I get a list of those and I found the Premium Package – WordPress Digital Store Solution. Now I have seen the “Premium Package” notice and suppose this is only for the Premium Package. But if i have the PRO version, why do I get the opportunity to download and install Add-ons for the Premium Package I don´t need?

Just wondering…

So far I am satisfied with the PRO version 🙂



Hasibul Amin Hemel

Hi @webdesign123,

Add-ons come with the extra feature. There are some free add-ons available and others are premium. You can always download the free add-on from the website or add-on section. The premium package add-on includes the pricing feature with the package so you can use this addon to sell packages. The add-on section maintains the install and updates of download manager add-ons.



Mimi Mudd

I am unable to use the buttons with the free version. In my settings it says “access denied please login to download”


Tim Lord

Hi there – I’m looking for the colorboax add on so that we can preview images but I can’t seem to find it there?? Where can I download this please?


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Hi Bitnine,

Please create a separate ticket to report the Form Lock issue. You can track all your tickets here https://www.wpdownloadmanager.com/support/users/bitnine/topics/




Hello, how can i update free add-ons? It’s urgent! Using your free version of the plugin. Thank you so much.


Andrei Oprinca

Today I found an error on the Premium Packages addon. Ichecked the console and this error popped up:
Found 2 elements with non-unique id #user_login: Attached screenshot

This error shows up on the cart page where the Register and Login forms are displayed. I think both forms use the same Id


shaik imran

I hope this addon will work much better in Pro version than the free version


1. The premium add-on has some extra features that can we rank with the free version.
2. Can we rank without add-ons on a blogger platform?


orance Wlli

Tried not working for me

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