Fix for WP-ROCKET + WPDM + OVH Hosting : downloads not working

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I’m posting this comment to help those who may encounter the same issues I did using WPDM (free or pro) on an OVH mutualized hosting and WP-Rocket as a caching plugin. If it can save someone from wasting hours like I did…

Problem description: when clicking on the “download” button in WPDM documents page, the file download starts but stops and ends in failure.

Cause: the Gzip rules added by WP-Rocket to the htaccess file are incompatible with those of OVH. In some cases, this doesn’t cause any visible problems, but if you install WPDM, downloads don’t work.

Resolution: install the “WP Rocket | Remove GZIP (mod_deflate) rules” plugin proposed by WP-Rocket on this URL : page.

They offer this solution for Locotranslate, but it also covers the WP-ROCKET/OVH problem.

Hope that helps !



if an administrator wants to close this topic, no problem. However, might it be a good idea to leave it open a little in case users have additional questions ?



Hello, Nicolas

I hope this message finds you in good heath.

We appreciate your initiative, which may help others to resolve issues without any hassle.

Thank you and regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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