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Jai I

I have the free version (3.2.66) of Download Manager running on Patheon server which in the past hasn’t has any issues. Recently it has been noticed that the files aren’t saving when creating new downloads through the green button upload issue.
When I run the site on my local hosting, it doesn’t replicate this issue.
On the Pantheon server, I can see:
– the file get uploaded successfully after selecting it from the local drive.
– the file name get added above the green box with the garbage bin link next to it.
– saving the new record, sends the file name successfully
– the new file is on the server in the uploads/download-manager-files directory correctly
– the new post is in the posts table
– the metadata table has all the new metadata fields added but I have noticed that the __wpdm_files field doesn’t get the correct object saved and has the filename empty.

This file name being empty is obviously the problem but I’m at a loss was to why this is happening on the Patheon hosting all of a sudden.

Anyone have any ideas?



Hello, Jai

I hope you are doing well and thanks for writing to us.

Could you please share wp-login credentials in a private reply to check the issue thoroughly? Also make sure that the plugin is up-to-date(v3.2.96) .




I’m having this exact problem – not isolated to original poster.



Hello, Stefanie

Could you please open a new ticket detailing the issue you’re experiencing? This will allow us to promptly address the problem and offer you the assistance you need.

Thank you!



I’ve tested wpdm here ( Login: demo/demo ). It is working fine.


Jai I

Apologies for the delay in replying. I updated to the latest very of the plugin 3.2.96 and it is all working again as expected.

None the wiser as to what about the Pantheon hosting env caused the issue but happy to have it fixed again.



I am glad to hear that, the issue has been fixed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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