File with password lock is not limited by stock

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    I have created a download and protected it with password. According to the documentation the stock limit should limit the amount of download. I have set the limit to 1 but I can download the file as many times a I want.
    See attachment for reference
    Please advise
    Thank you

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    Hi, We will fix the issue in next release of WPDM. For now, you can add the following code in /download-manager/libs/class.Apply.php after line 374,

    if( $package['quota'] > 0 && $package['quota'] < = $package['download_count'] ){
                    wpdm_download_data("stock-limit.txt", __("Download limit exceeded.",'download-manager'));


    I have added those lines of code but the site is crashing after doing that.


    Actually, the stock limit is working fine, the download count doesn’t increase, when you click on download button multiple times in the same session, like repeated click on same download link.

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