error tax in premium package

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When I add a country in the VAT, I add it but then it does not apply to me in the sale of the ebook

I also wanted to translate the plugin that I bought wp membrership pro with crazy translate but I do not give, and I translated download manager pro and premium package but that plugin I do not get, please I need help for these two problems as soon as possible



Please enable Billing Address on checkout to calculate tax properly.


hello the problem continue and i did it


I also do not want to download an ebook to put your address because you would not feel like downloading an ebook, do not download it


this problem occurs in all the pages where I have it installed is a plugin error


It is important that it be solved because an e-book store where the VAT can not be applied does not comply with European regulations and it is assumed that the plugin should work correctly, other plugins like easy digital download; if they do not solve the problem I will have to change to that plugin to sell ebooks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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