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    Quit sure I do something wrong, but I can’t find the issue or problem.

    I’ve installed WP Download Manager to test and see if it can replace my WP File base plugin. It seems it does what I hope, but I’m running into a big problem with the Dropbox Explorer plugin. I followed the instruction on this website which seems everything is working. When I make a new file, click the Dropbox button, it goes to Dropbox where I can browse and look up the file I need. So far, so good.

    When I click the View button in the Dashboard (see screenshots), I see the page, everything is there, but I also see the text “Download Error” and no clue why I have this error message. What do I do wrong or has it to do with Dropbox and it’s hearing or whatsoever.

    I hoep this is clear what my issue or problem is. Thank you for any reply.

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    From here everything working fine. Please provide your wp-admin temporary login in “private reply” to check the issue from your end.
    Thank you

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