Downloaded big files are corrupt

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    Hi in the world of “downloadmanagers”,

    doas anyone have an idea why my downloaded zip-files are corrupt if they are a little big.
    For example:
    Zip-file on Server 8MB – Downloaded: 8MB = OK
    Zip-file on Server 300MB – Downloaded: one time 185MB, 237MB or 228MB a.s.o = not OK (Zip file is corrupt)

    When download his file the zip file is always incomplete, even though the browser says “download complete”.

    Can anybody help me?
    Sincerely yours


    Salahuddin Ahmed

    Hi Ralf, Have you checked with your hosting or php config if that is blocking it when downloading the files? Alternatively, you can share me your admin login temporarily in a private reply so that I can check it myself?


    Hi Ahmed,
    thanks for replay.
    I has yet ‘turning off’ the output buffering and resumable downloads in settings and it looks to work better.
    Have a nice summer time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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