Don’t know how to upload a file I want to attach to my package to the download

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Kenechukwu Nkamuo

Here is my code

import requests
import uuid # Import the UUID library for generating unique keys

# Configure the API endpoint URL and your API key
api_url = ‘’
api_key = ‘your API key’

# Set up headers with API key for authentication
headers = {
‘Authorization’: f’Bearer {api_key}’

# Define a list of dictionaries, each specifying a file with its title and file path
files_data = [
‘title’: ‘Kerala Blasters FC.png’,
‘path’: ‘/storage/emulated/0/Download/photo.jpg’,
# Add more files as needed

# Generate unique keys for files and associate them with file paths
file_key_mapping = {}
for file_info in files_data:
key = str(uuid.uuid4()) # Generate a unique key using UUID
file_path = file_info[‘path’]
file_key_mapping[key] = file_path

# Use the generated keys in download_params
download_params = {
‘title’: ‘Kerala Blasters FC.pdf’,
‘author’: ‘Ken’,
‘status’: ‘publish’, # Set the status to “publish”
‘files’: file_key_mapping # Use the generated keys as file identifiers

# Create an empty list to store file attachments
files_to_upload = []

# Iterate through the list of files and create attachments
for key, file_path in file_key_mapping.items():
files_to_upload.append((‘file[]’, (key, open(file_path, ‘rb’))))

# Make a POST request to create the downloadable files
response =, headers=headers, data=download_params, files=files_to_upload)

# Check the response
if response.status_code == 201:
print(‘Downloadable files created successfully!’)

# Extract the package ID from the API response
package_id = response.json().get(‘id’)

if package_id:
# Use the package ID to attach the file to the “Attach Files” section
attachment_url = f'{api_url}/{package_id}/attach’
attachment_data = {
‘media’: ‘1’ # Attach to the “Attach Files” section (1 for yes, 0 for no)
attachment_response =, headers=headers, data=attachment_data)

if attachment_response.status_code == 200:
print(‘File attached to “Attach Files” section successfully!’)
print(‘Failed to attach file to “Attach Files” section.’)
print(‘Package ID not found in API response.’)
print(‘Failed to create the downloadable files.’)

How can I achieve this please


Nayeem Riddhi

Hello Kenechukwu Nkamuo,

Hope you are well. Are you trying to use WPDM REST API? For that, you can check this doc too,
and here is our add-on,

Download Manager REST API

please check and let me know

Thank you and regards


Kenechukwu Nkamuo

I have already installed it in the plugin section of my WordPress. The problem is just the attachment of file to the package. I can create the package with no issue it is just that I can’t attach a file to the package


Nayeem Riddhi

please follow the doc. I hope your problem should be resolved.

Thank you and regards


Kenechukwu Nkamuo

Please the doc didn’t said or give any idea about the files as aspect of creating a package, it just gave a description.


Nayeem Riddhi

please take the example from the doc you might need to put the file name with the rest API parameters like this: your-dir/filename.ext.. please check and let me know

Thank you and regards


Nayeem Riddhi

Hello Kenechukwu Nkamuo,

Has the problem been resolved on your side? If you have already created a package. Then you will also be able to upload/attach files for that package. If you have kept just the file name you should keep the files in wp-content/uploads/download-manager-files dir too. Thus I hope you will be able to attach the file to the packages. please check and let me know

Thank you and regards

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